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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

At La Fisna, in Madrid

If you are fond of the wine world and you go to Madrid you should not miss this bar-shop. Located in the multicultural district of Lavapies, this charming local is a kind of temple for wine lovers.
Here you can find wine references of quality, wines that are not the most usual in the most commercial circuits, but which undoubtedly stand out for representing the "terroir" where they come from. Wines of author in many cases that will delight the fans. In addition to an extensive list of Spanish wines, it has a large range of French wines difficult to find in these homes. Very varied prices, but not at all crazy, allow to approach the wine lover to wines that are not easy to get.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Vino Divino wine Cellar: Inevitable spot in Tarifa, Spain

Vino Divino

In a hidden street in the center of Tarifa, we found this establishment run by Lola and Roberto, an unavoidable meeting point for wine lovers.
Over there it is expecting an interesting selection of wines from not only Spain, but also Portugal, France, and especially Italy, a country where Roberto, the owner, comes from.