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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tasting Viña Zangarrón, Toro, Zamora, Spain

The wineshop Tierra Nuestra, from Huelva (Andalucía, Spain), hosted a very interesting tasting evening, where were paired wines from winery Viña Zangarrón  (Toro, Zamora, Spain) with amazing dishes in a popular tavern in town.
María, the reputed winemaker of the cellar, wellknown for her excellent work in producing organic wines, was in charge of the presentation. An act not without pleasant surprises, such as testing a sparkling  wine produced from godello grape, or the experience of tasting a new brand wine: Flor de Cerezo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tastings at Garage.October 2014

Tastings of the garage.October 2014
Recently we have the opportunity to taste some of the most interesting winesfrom the NorthWest Spain. Those wines coming from small wineries, produced by innovative wine makers, almost outlawyers. So here we are! Ready to go and taste these wines.
Three of them come from the same winery, Algueira, Ribeira Sacra, (Galicia, Northwest Spain), where Fernando Gonzalez has managed to combine tradition and modernity to do an amazing job both in quality, as when recovering indigenous grape varieties. Any of his wine is synonymous with quality.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aragón Grenache Tasting at El Grifo, Plaza del Grano, León, Spain / Degustación de Garnacha aragonesa

Degustaciones de Garaje:Borsao / Garage tastings:Borsao
Plaza del Grano, León, Spain

On a cool summer night, and in a georgeus framework as Plaza del Grano, we had the  opportunity of tasting some of the most interesting grenache wines from the region of Aragon (Northeastern Spain). At El Grifo, one of the most charming taverns of the city of León, both wineries, Bodegas Borsao and Alto Moncayo, ( from Campo de Borja wine Region), they held an amazing tasting wine. (Keep on reading....)

El Grifo, tavern, Plaza del Grano

En una fresca noche de verano, y en un marco difícil de igualar, la Plaza del Grano, León. Allí, a cargo del Grifo, uno de las tabernas con más encanto de la capital, tuvimos la oportunidad de probar algunos de los vinos de Bodegas Borsao, y de Alto Moncayo, ambas bodegas de Campo de Borja, Aragón. (Leer más...)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Degustaciones de Garaje - Tastings at Garage. A Decalogue

Degustaciones de Garaje / Garage tastings. A Decalogue

I think it could be considered as a new brand term, something related to wine testing that happens almost spontaneously . But, there is something more. What is it that determines that an event related to wine tasting could be considered with such a name?

Firstly and most important , the like of drinking wine and trying something new. (Keep on reading)

Podríamos referirnos a este tipo de eventos como“Catas de Garaje”. No obstante, ¿qué es lo que determina que a un evento relacionado con el vino lo denominemos así?
-        Lo primero y más importante, ganas de beber vino y probar nuevas referencias.....(Seguir leyendo)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Albarín, a white wine from Pardevalles, Spain

Albarín, white wine from Pardevalles

D.O. Tierra de León, Spain
Producer: Bodegas Pardevalles
Vintage 2013
Variety: 100% Albarín white grape(white wine)
Vinification:Young wine produced in tanks.
Temperature: 10-12ºC.  
Alcohol Content: 13ºC.

Tasting Notes: The Albarín grape originally from Cangas del Narcea, Asturias, has adapted remarkably well to the plains of León, the wine region for “Tierra de Leon”, where vines are  benefited from many hours of sunshine per year. This factor, and a careful production, both have caused the acidity of this grape Atlantic is less than that occurring in Asturias, with a much wetter climate. In Pardevalles wineries have achieved a very perfumed, balanced, fruity, round wine, the first impression is a strong apricot aroma. Precisely as result of this mix of fruit and balanced acidity, it is obtained a wine that is very witty, very easy to drink, and  persistent at the same time.  A wine that could be very jolly, especially from spring and summer, perfect to drink solo or accompanied too many dishes ranging from pasta, rice or salad, with white meats, seafood or some kind of fish. Excellent quality price ratio. (6-7  € - 9 $). 92/100.
Pairing: Pairing: perfect wine pair with rice, white meats, fish, patés, certain cheeses.