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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Huelva, capital of Spanish wine for a day

15th Aniversary from Tierra Nuestra

On Monday  January  19 took place a spectacular event related to the world of wine. The enoteca TierraNuestra  was in its 15th birthday, and to celebrate it,  nothing better than bringing fifty of the best Spanish wineries on a one day event.

From 11 am, and only for professionals in the Hosteria La Rabida, wine tasting and lunch. From four in the afternoon until half past eight, open wine tasting to the public in general. To finish the day, it was the possibility to dine in a restaurant in town with your favorite winery.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aragón Grenache Tasting at El Grifo tavern, León

Aragón Grenache Tasting at El Grifo tavern, León

Aragón Grenache Tasting at El Grifo, Plaza del Grano, León, Spain. 

On a cool summer night, and in a georgeus framework as Plaza del Grano, we had the  opportunity of tasting some of the most interesting grenache wines from the region of Aragon (Northeastern Spain). At El Grifo, one of the most charming taverns of the city of León, both wineries, Bodegas Borsao and Alto Moncayo, ( from Campo de Borja wine Region), they held an amazing tasting wine.
f there is something that could characterise to these sort of wines, this is their love for Grenache grape. They are powerful, impressive, with a high alcohol rate; and at the same time, they have a superb value for money price. Strong cheeses from León to be paired.  Although from my point of view, for certain types of cheese, white and sweet wines are better to be paired.

To start with, Selection Borsao 2013, a young coupage from Grenache, Syrah and Temparanillo grapes. It looks violet color of his own youth, and shown limpid and unctuous at the same time. It is a very fruity wine with aromas of black plum, cherry, and even flowers, easy to drink despite its high alcohol (14.5 °). Marked acidity that makes it a lively wine.
Berola Borsao 2010 to continue. Presents a covered cherry red. Aromas of candied fruit, vanilla and cinnamon. It is a surprisingly long wine to drink slowly. Powerful on the palate, it has a good balance between acidity, wood and fruit. It is a very round wine, and must be decanted to appreciate it in its entirety. Great value for money price. (Less than 20 dollars per  bottle).
2102 Tres Picos, a wine grape Grenache 100% is the following. Cherry red color well covered with violet tones. It is very creamy. Ripe fruits and wood very present. Spicy, it has a very strong finish. A wine mainly to pair with strong dishes, and red meat.
And to finish with Veraton 2010 by Bodegas Alto Moncayo. It is another 100% Grenache that has been aging 18 months in French oak barrels. A very dark color, and very creamy. Aromas reminiscent of candied fruit and soil. This wine fills the palate with a strong aftertaste where you can see her strong mineral tones. It is a wine with high alcohol rate (15.5 º) that can be drunk as a generous, a full-bodied wine, after dessert, or even to accompany them. Like the above, it should be decanted.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favorite wine: Losada 2010 y Altos de Losada 2009

Comparativa Losada 2010 frente Altos de Losada 2009

Comparativa: Losada 2010 frente Altos de Losada 2009

Producer: Bodegas Losada, Vinos de Finca
Añada 2010 - Vintage 2010 - Losada
Añada 2009 - Vintage 2009 - Altos de Losada
Variedad:100% Mencía, ambos vinos.
Variety:100% Mencía grape (red wine), both wines.
Elaboración:12 y 15 meses en barrica de roble francés y americano.
Vinification: 12 and 15 months maturing in French and American oak barrels.
Cata: Dos grandes vinos, ambos procedentes de la misma bodega Losada, Vinos de Finca,ambos de la misma variedad de uva, Mencía en un 100%, pero de diferentes añadas, crianzas, y poseedores de grandes cualidades.Losada 2010, con 12 meses de crianza, mejora incluso el anterior Losada de 2009, y es que el 2010 al menos en el Bierzo, fue un gran año para el vino. (Leer más...)

Comparative: Losada 2010 versus Altos de Losada 2009

Tasting Notes:Two great wines, both coming from the same winery, Losada, Vinos de Finca, and both made of the same variety of grape,Mencía 100%, but at the same time, different vintages, aging in barrels , and endowed with great qualities. Losada 2010, 12 months of aging in oak barrels, even improves the previous wine Losada 2009 vintage. 2010 was a great year for wine, at least in the Bierzo Region (North West Spain). (Read more...)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

La Clave, from Bierzo, a wine by Raúl Pérez

D.O. Bierzo, Spain
Producer: Raúl Pérez
Vintage 2012
Variety: 98% Mencía,other grapes. (red wine)
Vinification: 6 months maturing in French oak barrels
Temperature: 15º-17ºC.
Alcohol Content: 14ºC.

Tasting Notes: We are facing an author´s wine, particularly that produced by Raúl Pérez, La Clave. A wine made from Mencia grape mainly, whose greatest virtue is that acidity, ripe fruit and the smoky tones giving, are perfectly integrated. We also find mineral notes, and wood  just appears in a very smooth way. A wine easy to drink, long persistent, where you notice a certain Frenchified air when processing. A great value for money.(8 € - 11 $). 92/100.
Pairing: A red wine that perfectly accompanies dishes of the Spanish Atlantic area: Octopus, mushrooms .... stews in general.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pruno, unbeatable wine quality price

D.O. Ribera del Duero, Spain
Producer: Finca Villacreces.
Vintage 2011
Variety: 90% Tempranillo, 10% Cavernet Sauvignon(red wine)
Vinification:12 months aging time in french oak.
Temperature: 15º-17ºC.
Alcohol Content: 14ºC.

Tasting Notes: Intense cherry with purple reflections.  Perfect balance between acidity, wood and fruit. Flavours from licorice, roasted and toffee. Ripe fruits. Greedy, persistent, pleasant on the palate. We are talking about one of the best wines in the market in value. (10 € - 13, 5 $). 95/100.

Pairing: The proper wine to share with mushrooms, red and white meats, and stews.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Albariño white wine by Abadía da Cova

Abadía da cova

D.O. Ribeira Sacra, Spain
Producer: Bodegas Moure.
Vintage: 2012
85% Albariño, 15% Godello
Vinification:months in tank on their own lees.
Temperature: 8º-10ºC.
Alcohol Content: 13ºC.

 Tasting Notes: Very clean, yellow almost transparent . An intense floral and fruity nose. Fresh, with a perfect balance between acidity and green and tropical fruit. Aromatic and persistent simultaneously. An easy drinking wine, complex and elegant. (9,5 € - 13 $). 93/100.
 Pairing: Seafood, white fish, paté, smooth cheese.

Pruno, imbatible en calidad precio

Pruno, imbatible en calidad precio

D.O. Ribera del Duero, España
Productor: Finca Villacreces.
Añada 2011
Variedad: 90% Tempranillo, 10% Cavernet Sauvignon
Elaboración:12 meses en barrica de roble francés.
Temperatura de servicio: 15º-17ºC.
Graduación: 14ºC.

Cata: Picota intenso con ribetes púrpura. Perfecto equilibrio entre acidez, madera y fruta. Aromas de regaliz, torrefactos y toffe. Frutas maduras. Goloso, persistente, de agradable paso en boca. Hablamos de uno de los mejores vinos del mercado en relación calidad precio. (10 €). 95/100.
Maridaje: Un vino ideal para acompañar con setas, carnes rojas y blancas, platos de cuchara en general.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Almirez, wine from Toro region, Spain

D.O. Toro, Spain
Producer: Teso La Monja
Vintage 2013
Variety: 100% Tinta Fina de Toro
Vinification: 12 months aging time in french oak.
Temperature: 15-17ºC.  

Alcohol Content: 14,5 º C.

Tasting Notes: Deep red colour, purple reflections. Well balanced between wood and red fruits (berries). Flavours from a highly roasted touch and coffee. Liquorice and tobacco. A long persitence in mouth, tasty, delicious and armonious at the same time. Excelent relation quality price (15-17 €).
Pairing: A powerful red wine specially good to pair with red meats or stews.