Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Chan de Rosas

D.O./Zona: Rías Baixas
Subzona Valle del Salnés (Cambados/Galicia)
Productor: Chan de Rosas Bodegas y Viñedos S.L. http://www.chanderosas.com/ 
Añada 2018
Variedad: 100% Albariño

Elaboración: La uva despalillada se somete a una maceración en frío a 7º durante 12 horas. El 85 % del vino permanece un mínimo de 6 meses en depósito de acero inoxidable. El 15% restante un mínimo de 6 meses en barricas nuevas de roble Francés de 400 litros. Se realizan batonages semanales para mantener las lías en suspensión mientras está en los depósitos y en las barricas.  
Temperatura de servicio: 10º-12º C.                 
Graduación: 13 º C.

Cata: Vino de color amarillo pálido con reflejos verdosos. Aromas florales, cítricos, vainilla y ciertas notas a manzana ácida. En boca presenta un ligero toque salino, con una acidez muy viva, pero equilibrada, sin aristas, cítrico, resultando fresco y persistente. 9-11 €. Buena relación calidad precio.

Maridaje: Se trata de un vino que marida muy bien con pescados blancos, mariscos, ensaladas ligeras, quesos de vaca cremosos, pasta con moluscos...

Chan de Rosas - Soil of Roses

Apellation: Rías  Baixas

Subzona Valle del Salnés (Cambados/Galicia)

Producer: Chan de Rosas Bodegas y Viñedos S.L. http://www.chanderosas.com/                Vintage 2018                                                                                                              Variety: 100% Albariño grape                                                   
Elaboration: The pulp of the grape with the skin undergoes a cold maceration at 7º for 12 hours. 85% of the wine stays a minimum of 6 months in a stainless steel tank. The remaining 15% a minimum of 6 months in new 400-liter French oak barrels. Weekly batonages are made to keep the lees in suspension while it is in the tanks and in the barrels.
Service temperature: 10º - 12º C.
Alcohol: 13º C.

Tasting: It is a pale yellow white wine with greenish reflections. Floral aromas, citrus, vanilla and some notes of acid apple are revealed to the nose. In the mouth it has a slight salty touch, with a very lively acidity, but balanced, without edges, citric, resulting fresh and persistent.  9-11 €.
Good value for money.

Pairing: It is a wine that pairs very well with white fish, seafood, light salads, creamy cow cheeses, pasta with molluscs ...

Monday, March 23, 2020

Peñalba López – Cava Brut Nature from Aranda de Duero, Burgos, Spain

Apellation: Cava
Aranda de Duero, Finca Torremilanos
Producer: Bodegas Peñalba López, S.L. https://www.torremilanos.com/vinos-torremilanos/cavas-torremilanos-ribera-del-duero/penalba-lopez-cava-brut-nature/
Vintage 2017
Variety:90% Viura, 10% Chardonnay  
Elaboration: Organic viticulture. Traditional method or ¨Method Champenoise¨. 18 months in bottle. 7g. sugar per liter (Brut) 
Service temperature: 6º - 8º C.
Alcohol: 12,5º C

Tasting:  This sparkling wine has a very pale golden yellow colour, and at the same time, a fine, small and abundant bubble that rises in a single main rosary. It has rich aromas of white stone fruit and almonds, with hints of toasted notes. In the mouth  is dry, powerful, it highlights an interesting citrus background that gives it freshness, and a careful acidity. It is a very easy to drink sparkling, smooth and with good persistence, which suggests numerous combinations to pair, in addition to enjoying it alone, as an aperitif. € 11-13. *
 * We highlight its excellent value for money.

Pairing: As a good brut nature sparkling wine to be proud of, it is a wine that combines with many dishes, from pasta, rice, fish, white meat, even game if it is a kind of bird, sushi dishes, certain types of salad.