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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Wine tasting of Sherry and Acorn-fed Ham Cinco Jotas

Sherries and Cinco Jotas acorn-fed ham

Within the "International Sherry Week" that was held on the initiative of "Tierra Nuestra" in Seville, we would like to highlight our presence in an instructive tasting of five wines from the Apellation Sherry, along with five different parts of the acorn-fed cured ham Cinco Jotas, 100% acorn, and from Jabugo in the mountainous area of Huelva (Andalusia, Spain).

 Cinco Jotas acorn-fed ham from Jabugo

We began the tasting with a "manzanilla wine", "La Guita", light, dry, and little acid, which salty and sharp touches, and its freshness, enhance the part of the ham designated for the occasion "la maza".

Manzanilla wine "La Guita"

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Degustación de Sherry y Jamón Cinco Jotas

 Sherries y Jamón Ibérico Cinco Jotas

Dentro de la “International Sherry Week” que se ha celebrado por iniciativa de “Tierra Nuestra” en Sevilla, nos gustaría destacar nuestra presencia en una instructiva degustación de cinco vinos procedentes de la D.O. Jerez, junto a cinco diferentes cortes del Jamón Ibérico Cinco Jotas, 100% bellota, y procedente de Jabugo en la serranía de Huelva.

Jamón Ibérico de Jabugo  Cinco Jotas

Comenzamos la degustación con una manzanilla, “La Guita”, ligero, seco, y poco acido, cuyos toques salinos y punzantes, y su frescura, potencian la parte del jamón designada para la ocasión “la maza”.