Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Monte da Ravasquiera, Seleçao do ano

Vinho Regional Alentejano, Alentejo, Portugal

Producer: Monte da Ravasqueira;   https://www.ravasqueira.com/                                     Vintage 2017
Variety: Touriga Nacional (25%), Aragonez (25%), Syrah (25%), Alicante Bouschet (25%).
Elaboration: This wine comes from the special selection of small quantities of the varieties mentioned, intended for the production of this coupage. Stay for 5-6 months in French oak barrels.                                                                                                                           Service temperature: 14º-16º C.                                                                                            Alcohol: 13,5 º C.

Tasting: It has a nice cherry color with a leaden border. On the nose it is very fruity, elegant, with aromas reminiscent of black plum, fig and red fruits, like blackberry; it also has the scent of typical flowers of the area such as thyme and rosemary. The palate is straight, somewhat astringent, while fruity. It stands out for the presence of aniseed flavors, candied plum, wood reminiscences, and a pleasant final acidity. The result is a pleasant and fresh wine very oriented towards gastronomy. 8 €.

Pairing: Given its characteristics, it is a wine that pairs with numerous dishes, ranging from various meats, blue fish, to fresh cheeses, sausages, mushrooms, etc.

5 Rosas, Rosé wine

D.O. Bierzo, Castilla y León

Producer: Losada Vinos de Finca;  https://www.losadavinosdefinca.com/                                                 Vintage 2018
Variety: 100% Mencía grape.
Elaboration: Manual harvest. Wine that performs a pre-fermentative cold maceration for a period of 12 hours to provide greater sensory expression. Subsequently it undergoes a period of aging of five months on fine lees in aluminum deposit.
Service Temperature:8-9º C.
Alcohol 14 º C.

Tasting: Rose colored wine, clean and bright. It stands out for its floral and fruit aromas, deep and persistent at the same time. Raspberry, strawberry, an explosion of fruit in the mouth, with certain dairy touches. It has a very lively acidity, which contrasts with its fruity, it is a wine of great freshness and easy to drink. The structure that gives the aging in lees causes that we are before an unctuous wine on the palate that denotes power. 8-9 €.

Pairing: Ideal to combine with salads, pasta, Asian food in general, fish carpaccio, great variety of rice, white meats, steak tartar, blue fish etc.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

5 Rosas

D.O. Bierzo, Castilla y León

Productor: Losada Vinos de Finca;  https://www.losadavinosdefinca.com/                  
Añada 2018
Variedad: 100% Mencía.
Elaboración: Vendimia manual. Vino  que realiza una maceración pre-fermentativa en frío por un periodo de 12 horas para aportar una mayor expresión sensorial. Posteriormente se somete a un período de crianza de cinco meses sobre lías finas en depósito de aluminio.                                                                                        
Temperatura de servicio: 8-9º C.         
Graduación: 14 º C.

Cata: Vino de color rosáceo, limpio y brillante. Destaca tanto por sus aromas florales como frutales, profundos y persistentes a la vez. Frambuesa, fresa, una explosión de fruta en boca, con ciertos toques lácteos. Posee una acidez muy viva, que contrasta con su frutalidad, resulta un vino de enorme frescor y fácil de beber. La estructura que le aporta la crianza en lías provoca que estemos ante un vino untuoso en el paladar que denota poderío. 8-9 €.

Maridaje: Ideal para combinar con ensaladas, pasta, comida asiática en general, carpaccio de pescados, gran variedad de arroces, carnes blancas, steak tartar, pescados azules etc.

Rosé Capricho, Val de Paxariñas,

DO. Bierzo, Castilla and León
Producer: Bodegas y Viñedos Gancedo; http://www.bodegasgancedo.com
Vintage 2017
Variety: 100% Mencía.
Elaboration: Harvested the first week of October in boxes of 15 kilos. Cold film maceration for two hours, bleeding, cold static settling for 24 hours and subsequent alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature (13-14ºC) for eighteen days. Aging on its own lees in stainless steel tanks for a period of three months.
Service temperature: 9-10º C.
Alcohol: 13º C.

Tasting: Pale rosé wine, onion skin color,  which is a current trend. Made from vineyards 30 years old in espalier. It spends only 24 hours in contact with the skin to acquire its delicate color. It is a very aromatic wine, with aromas that evoke strawberries and roses. The palate stands out for its freshness, and a touch of slightly sparkling wine. Still remains a certain sweetness reminiscent of caramel, and balanced with its acidity. Provided with the structure provided by the Mencía grape, it is a rosé with sparkle, persistent, that is left to drink with extreme ease. (€ 9-10)

Pairing: As many rosés supports a wide range of pairings, ranging from smoked, pasta, meat or marinated blue fish, white meat, salads, desserts, etc.