Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wine Pairing: Manzanilla en Rama and Ham from Jabugo (Jamón de Jabugo)

D.O. Manzanilla, Sanlúcar de Barrameda. (Jerez,  Cádiz).  Spain

Year 2016
Variety: Palomino (white wine).
Elaboration: Maceration in wineskin, biological process under “velo de flor”. 
Temperature: 5º-8º C.
Alcohol Content: 15º-16 º C.

Manzanilla is a native white wine from Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cádiz, within the so-called triangle of Jerez. Pale yellow, odorous, with a dry finish and vegetable nuances, minerals, and even salted. It is obtained from the Palomino grape, and it is a wine to consume in the year. The "manzanilla branch" is a natural manzanilla dry white wine, unfiltered obtained through a process called "flor", the result of the action of yeast on wine, resulting in a very unique type of biological aging. It is bottled directly from the boot, to the bottle, resulting in a very fresh wine that must be consumed in the shortest possible time and drunk at low temperature.

Food pairing: It is definitely the perfect complement to the "Jabugo ham", obtained in the Sierra de Huelva, from breeding black pig fed on acorns in the pastures. Both ham and manzanilla off a fragrance that envelops the senses. Both are very aromatic, and complementary. Already in mouth, ham, a mixture of sweet and salty, melts; while the freshness of wine, those with mineral and vegetable notes, is enhanced. Food pairing like no other, a real frenzy for the senses.


Recommendations: In southern Spain, in Andalusia, you can try this gem, manzanilla en rama in bulk, in certain taverns. The provinces of Huelva, Jabugo origin, Cadiz, manzanilla, and Seville, are ideal to taste both products. Solear by Barbadillo, "Three branch" by Lustau, or Baron, are some of the options in the bottle. It is a wine that is not particularly expensive. About 2 € -2.50 € Cup.

To taste at least once in your life, …And you will repeat for sure!

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