Tastings at Garage. Decalogue

Tasting at arage

I think it could be considered as a new brand term, something related to wine testing that happens almost spontaneously . But, there is something more. What is it that determines that an event related to wine tasting could be considered with such a name?
Firstly and most important , the like of drinking wine and trying something new.
Secondly , a little bit of “improvisation”. Time and place are important, but not decisive, aren´t they? The same thing if we talk about food pairing, why not experiment ?
Thirdly, we have a series of wines from small producers , some of them literally produced in wineries that are more like garages . In any case, rare wines.
- An unconventional space in which to conduct the tasting. Why not a garage, or an attic, or a back room?
- And finally , humorous , keen to chat and exchange views in an honest way.

Begoña, Ángel. Luís, and mysel at Artesa, delica shop.

According to the Decalogue we have just developed , something like that occurred at Artesa, a delica, on Tuesday May 20, 2014 .
In the back of that exquisite Delicatessen shop run by Luís, the owner,  a " Tasting at Garage " took place which was also attended by: Begoña, Cruz, Angel, and myself, Isaac.

Three wines were tasted, all of them accompanied by delicious meats like jerky (dry cow meat called cecina), or a pie tasted tuna; plus a selection of goat cheeses paired with various artisanal jams (mushrooms, blueberries ...).
 Fulcro 2011,  a Rías Baixas Salnes wine (Galicia, northwest Spain) barrel fermented. With just a production of 600 bottles, it is really rare and very hard to find. A very balanced wine with a very limpid color, among its highly integrated fruit and oak nuances ; with a touch of salinity and final acidity that makes it very cool.
Guímaro 2013, Ribeira Sacra wine (Galicia, northwest Spain). No barrel aging, the power of Mencía in this area is present, along with other native varieties that give other different aromas and flavors. It has very purple hues, aromas of berries, but also bay leaf and to some extent there is presence of different plant species from the typical Atlantic forest. Balsamic and mineral simultaneously.
To finish the tasting, a Mencia wine from BierzoGancedo, (León, northwest Spain). It presents the properly covered Mencía grape color, with about 8 months of barrel aging , and showing us the vigor of Mencía grape in all its splendor , very fruity acidity and well integrated oak, well balanced,  it is a tasty wine, very mineral .

A tasting that delighted all present, and already thinking about organizing another one , but due to its improvised nature, there is not a certain date.

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