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Guímaro, rebel and nonconformist

Pedro and Isaac at Guímaro
These are somehow most important  features of Pedro Rodriguez, the " alma mater of the winery ," who confesses that this is the meaning that lies behind the brand that is revolutionizing the way of making wine since its inception in the early nineties; and that's the character he wants to give to their wines.

When you meet Pedro at first in his winery, which attracts attention is what a warm and friendly he is, as well as his simplicity and generosity. Since the first moment conveys his enthusiasm for making wine, and for the innovation. He started in the world of law, but fortunately for wine lovers, twisted his career (as he says) .

In the beginning,  he landed in New York in 1993, carrying wine in his suitcase for its promotion , an adventure, a dare . "Let the wine talks". As simple as that.  And it seems that it did, the wine talked, and it was a succeed. Today the New York Times devotes articles and in Wine Advocate praise him.
In collaboration with the famous winemaker Raúl Pérez, Pedro has positioned Guímaro in the pantheon of wines, in just a few years. A small winery family tradition that has seen their creations appear on top national and international rankings, and are among the most acclaimed by international critics.
Burgundy is Pedro´s referent, as it is for Raúl; and they both prefer the traditional way of processing the wine, where respect for the environment is a priority, avoiding using sulfur and herbicides. Cheek and imagination are its strengths.

Guímaro is a winery located in the Ribeira Sacra (subzone Amandi, Galicia, Northwest Spain), where has its own vineyards at an angle of between 50 and he 70%. They are producing some of the finest wines from Spain, always betting by local varieties such as Merenzao , Caiño , Sousón , Mencia, Loureiro , Godello , Treixadura , Albariño, etc. From small plots linked to the concept of " terroir" ( Meixeman, Capeliños, Pombeira ... ) they get spectacular wines that are a true reflection of the land of their birth. United States, Japan, Germany, UK , Switzerland, Scandinavia and even France itself, all of them are importing Guimaro´s  wines. Their current production is around 50,000 bottles per year.

Such is the care with which their wines are made, that there are some wine which is not pressed but stomping, as it was done in the past. Pedro prefers the quiet instead of the movement, hence "move the wine just enough", even for that process known as " batonage " when fermentation on lees is having place. Their wines have fully achieved the balance between fruit, acidity and barrel. Another issue is to pay special attention to the acidity, in order to keep it in high levels,  but balanced, because it will be one of the keys that help evolve well the wine in the  bottle. The concept of aging is a function of how the wine evolves, and the type and age of the oak barrel; hence, in wines that have rested in barrel is present , but not too much.

Red wines like Guímaro Young made ​​from Mencía grape ( 85%) and other varieties, Finca Meixemán ( Mencía ),  Finca Capeliños ( 85 % Mencia , Caíño , Sousón , Negreda Mouratón and others), Guímaro Finca Pombeira ( 85 % Mencia and others) All they have become prized and sought after wines. Furthermore it must be added the common projects with Raúl Pérez, the result of which are the mythic and acclaimed Sin Pecado, and La Penitencia; and another great creation, Ladredo, a wine from a vineyard of the same name, made ​​from Garnacha and Mencia, which is a collaboration with Portuguese winemaker Dirk van der Niepoort, the wizard of Porto Wine.

In white wines, Godello Blanco Guimaro is a varietal on the lees, or Guímaro Godello a barrel fermented wine, are the most representative of the winery. In the near future it is anticipated the release of organic wines. A luxury knowing firsthand Pedro Rodríguez, the winemaker who has managed to promote and make Guímaro as a referent winery, an author´s creation, a reference for all fans of the wine world.

Guímaro. Pedro Rodríguez Pérez
Sanmil, 43- Santa Cruz de Bosmos
27425, Sober-Lugo- Spain
Tf. 00 34 982 152 508

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