Wednesday, March 8, 2017

At Rúa 11, León

The city of León (Spain) is one of the most important landmarks of the Camino de Santiago, and it is in the middle of this medieval city where Rúa 11 is located. During its three years since it has been opened, it has become one of the most emblematic taverns, becoming a reference for whose that love the world of wine and vermouth.

We can find the tavern in  the medieval quarter, located in Rúa street, formerly called Rúa de los Francos, since it was and is, the traditional way of access to the city by the pilgrims who venture along the Camino de Santiago French.

At Rúa 11 we will find more than one reason to repeat. In a cozy atmosphere we have a great variety of vermouths - more than a hundred - as well as an important wine list, with a special dedication to local denominations such as Bierzo and Tierra de León. To taste wines as well as vermouth or any other drink, there is a good selection of free "tapas", as it is customary in the city, as well as a magnificent menú of toasts and other viands.


Handeling  Rúa 11 you will find the owner, Ruben, a popular barman with a great experience, who is well assisted by an efficient team of professionals who will make our stay as pleasant as possible, being one more reason to return.

Here it is possible to taste an exotic vermouth served with mastery; If we feel overwhelmed and do not know which one to choose, the best option is to let us advise. Whether in its lively bar or on its elevated tables, Rúa 11 offers a selection of tapas, toasts and rations perfect to pair with one of the wines from its wide and varied menu. From the typical Cecina de León, through the cured tongue, anchovies of the Cantabrian, salad of ventresca, the leeks of Sahagún etc.


The sum of all these factors make Rúa 11 a place of endearment, an unavoidable visit not only for lovers of the wine world, but also for all those desiring new experiences in the complex culinary universe.

AdressCalle de la Rúa 11, León
Telephone+ 00 34 987 178 637
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