Monday, January 8, 2018

Food pairing:The Flower and the Bee, ...and rice with cockles

Origen Apellation Ribeiro (Ourense, Galicia). Spain                                                            Producer: Coto de Gomariz.
Year 2015
Variety: 100% Treixadura.
Winemaking: Selection in ­field. Hand Harvest into 18 kg plastic-crates. Sorting table is used. De-stemming, crushing and smooth pressing is made. Totally free of Toxic products. Fukuoka and R. Steinner Theories applied on viticulture works.                         
Temperature: Between 8º-9º C.                                                                                                Alcohol Content: 13,5º C.

White wine of lemon yellow color. The nose is very aromatic with aromas reminiscent of citrus fruits (orange and lemon). On the palate it is very fresh, mineral, with hints of pear and citrus fruits, and a mild acidity that accompanies this wine from the beginning to the end.

Food pairing: The Flower and the Bee is a wine that pairs very well with fish and seafood (sardines, turbot, cod, clams, cockles). Also suitable for white meats and lightly cured cheeses. In this case we have paired it with a sea dish: Rice with cockles and mussels.
The cockle is a very tasty mollusk, with a high content of iron, and that both steamed, grilled, or rice is delicious if you catch the point of cooking. This implies that it must be almost raw, so it will be juicy. After adding the vegetable base and the rice to the cooking, we will leave the cockles to add in the end, and if you want, you can add some mussels to complete the mixture. The secret is to use broth from the seafood itself to cook, and even add a little wine to the pot.
Apart from being one of my favorite rices, it is very nutritious and healthy.
P.S. It is recommended to use fresh or frozen cockle, in no case canned. The mussel can be fresh or previously cooked in seawater.
A dish to taste and to enjoy at any time of the year.

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