Thursday, February 22, 2018

New label to remember the origins of Godeval in the 2017 vintage

This week the new vintage of Godeval is being distributed in the market, which also comes with a change of image of the flagship brand of the Valdeorresa winery.The vintage 2017 has been the time to give a change of image to the bottle leaving behind the golden and crooked label to replace it with a more enveloping and white. The drawing of the label is a pen of the old winery, where they made their first wines in the mid-80s and until 2009. At that time they changed to the new winery that remains "a viewpoint to the valley and the place where we started "as related by her manager, Araceli Fernández. For this reason, the new image is a new homage to the origins of the wines made with the godello variety and which "identifies us all over the world".

2017: a vintage to remember

This year will become one of the years to remember as a somewhat special vintage, due to the special conditions of the meteorological year that led to pick up the grapes almost a month in advance, in the middle of August. A very early start that was not remembered in the 31 years of history of this winery. The grapes were developed in a spring with frosts and storms with hail that fortunately did not affect the farms too much. What does mark this vintage is the strong drought since May and the high summer temperatures which caused a significant decrease in production. Despite all these adverse factors, the grape was very healthy and mature at the time of collection. After the harvest, the fermentation lasted for about 30 days to achieve the maximum aromatic expression of the Godello variety. This vintage is already defining it as a warm, clean and aromatic wine.

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