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Five wines for Christmas 2017 of excellent value for money

Merry Christmas! Here we are one more year to recommend five wines where quality and good prices go hand in hand. They are author wines, of short production and that seek to transmit the flavor of the terroir. Wines of wine growers committed to the environment and that make their origin their hallmark. Wines made to surprise.


Origen Apellation, Rioja, Spain
Producer: Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez.
Vintage 2015
Variety: Tempranillo, Garnacha y Graciano. (Red Wine)
Vinification: Manual harvest. It presents between 4 and 6 months of maturation with autochthonous yeasts in cement tanks.
Serving Temperature: 14º-16º C.                                                                                            Alcohol: 14º C.

Within the philosophy of Telmo Rodríguez, in which quality wine appears linked to its origin, LZ constitutes a firm commitment to the "terroir". Red wine from the Rioja Alavesa where freshness and fruit are very present. From the beginning captivates with its beautiful cherry color. Aroma of wet earth, red fruit, spicy notes. The palate is fresh, while powerful, with a very marked acidity. Notes of green pepper, black pepper, blackberries appear. It is a wine where fruit and acidity show a contrasted balance. Easy to be drunk. An excellent commitment to quality at a good price. € 8.


Origen Apellation, Bierzo (León), Spain
Producer: Raúl Pérez. Valtuille de Abajo, Villafranca del Bierzo (León)
Vintage 2015
Variety: 100% Mencía. (Red wine)
Vinification:  Handcrafted. Fermented in “fudres”(Wooden container with round bottom and curved side walls and large capacity (200 - 300 hl.) Used to store and ripen wine).

Serving Temperature:14º-16º C.                                                                                              Alcohol: 13,5º C.

Ultreia is a greeting among pilgrims of the Way of St. James, which means something like "Let's go there", "go ahead" ... A symbol for this great wine raised and produced in the vicinity of the Way of St. James as it passes through the Bierzo.

Very cherry-colored cherry covered with purple hues. The nose has aromas of forest fruits, balsamic, and even mineral notes. The fruit stands out on the wood, while a delicate acidity is appreciated, and notes of black licorice. Atlantic wine, very mineral, structured and tasty, long end in mouth. A wine that does not leave indifferent. An amazing great value such as it is published in "Best of 2017" by Wine Advocate. € 10.


Origen Apellation, Toro (Zamora), Spain

Producer: Maite Geijo.  
Vintage 2015
Tinta de Toro, Garnacha y Vedejo, (75% Tinta de Toro, 15% Garnacha, 10% Verdejo) (Rose wine)
Vinification: Must obtained directly from the pressing of skins. Fermented in its own lees for four months. Fermentation of the must grape juice at low temperatures.
Serving Temperature: 6º-8º C.                                                                                               
Alcohol 13º C.

A plurivarietal rosé wine that gives a raspberry colour and certain orange nuances. The nose shows us fruits such as strawberries and currants, appart of balsamic notes not very intense, but clean. On the palate is an unctuous wine, with flavors reminiscent of red fruits, candy, and also bay leaf. The acidity remains very present, integrated with the fruit and the balsamic touch. The result is a fresh and powerful rosé wine at the same time. € 7.


Origen Apellation, Ribeiro (Ourense), Spain
Producer: Antonio Montero.
Vintage 2015                                                  
Variety: Treixadura and Palomino. (White wine)                                                                    Vinification: Manual harvesting. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature. Stabilization through cold.                                                                      
Serving temperature: 8º-9º C.                                                                                                 
Alcohol: 11º C.

White yellow straw colored wine with greenish reflections. Delicate nose with fruity notes reminiscent of green apple, pear, and slightly lemon. The palate is very fresh, slightly acidic, with fruit references to green apple and citrus. Very lively and easy to drink, it is perfect for any occasion. € 6.


Origen Apellation, Jerez - Xérès – Sherry), Spain                                                                Producer: Bodegas Barbadillo.                                                                 Variety: 100% Palomino Fina. (White wine)                                                                        Vinification: Hand picking in vineyards of 30 years. Subjected to double maceration, biological and oxidative (12 years under “velo de flor”* and 4 years of oxidative aging). 
Serving temperature: 12º-13º C.                                                                                             
Alcohol: 19,5ºC.

“Amontillado” wine of a beautiful amber color. The nose has a deep aroma of hazelnut, and introduces aromas of toasted and spicy. Dry, at the same time unctuous, fleshy and silky on the palate. Salty and toasted flavors. A long-lasting wine that fills the palate. Ideal to accompany dishes of difficult pairing such as artichokes or asparagus, fatty fish, or cured cheeses. € 19.

[1] " Velo de flor", “Flower Veil” is the result of the action of yeast on wine, creating a thin layer of yeast that protects the must from oxygen, resulting in a very unique type of biological aging.

Biological  aging under "Velo de Flor"

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